The Man who ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten

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Here is a link to the first chapter of “The Man who ate Everything” by Jeffrey Steingarten . It’s a book of essays that covers everything from the science of Mashed Potatoes to the scary substance called Olestra.

The reason I love this book so much is I can read essays at random, whenever I need to get excited about food again. He is intelligent, and clearly knows what he’s talking about, but he writes so simply that anyone can understand and enjoy the topic he is writing on. And after reading a bit of his writing, I remember why I love food.

If you have ever spent time obsessing over how to get perfect ripe peaches, or why your mashed potatoes are too starchy, you’ll love this book. And on top of all this, my brilliant friend Dale recommends this book, so you know it’s good.


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