But I don’t wanna cook today!

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So Spring is currently taking over East Tennessee. It is so effing beautiful and addicting, it’s almost painful to be inside. If you live in a mild climate it may be hard to understand what it feels like to wake up and not have to scrape ice off your car with a Tom Waits CD while your toes go numb. This has been my reality for months, and I really started to believe it was never going to be warm again. Which would explain why I’ve spent all winter in my cozy kitchen making warm comfort foods. Either that or sitting on my computer, trying to warm my feet on my computer tower while writing about yummy warm food.

Now though, all I want to do is get off work, change into a tank top and drive to a park to lay on the grass and sun myself like a lizard. Being in my kitchen does not seem comforting, it seems stifling. Even sitting on the computer to Facebook stalk or look at pictures of cute freakish animals has lost it’s appeal.

All this is meant to explain why I haven’t posted anything in ages. I feel like I’m putting The Hedonist Cook on the back burner (get it, back-burner?!) and that scares me because I’ve put so much work into getting this going! So today I decided to sit down and edit a video, which I’ll post on Thursday. It’s for Chicken and Dumplings, and it’s so yummy! But I can’t seem to force myself into the kitchen right now, so I’m going to settle for some great food writing to inspire me. I got some new books at the library this week, and I’m looking forward to getting into them and seeing what new info I can learn and share with you. Who knows, maybe I’ll do some videos where I review a food book like on Reading Rainbow. Remember those?

Today I’m starting Animal, Vegetable,  Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I’m liking it so far, and I just read a quote that summed up one of my main beliefs about food:

Food culture in the United States has long been cast as the property of a privileged class. It is nothing of the kind. Culture is the property of a species.

I could go off on a huge tangent about this, but I think it speaks for itself. So today I’m challenging myself, as well as you. What can you do to take food culture out of your Bon Appetit magazine and bring it into your day to day life? One of my favorite things to do is ask people about their favorite food growing up. I usually hear a story that makes the articles in my fancy food magazines seem totally weak. It’s a way to make a connection with another human being, and it uses our shared food culture to do it. How freaking cool is that?

So hooray for Spring, books, food and the people in our lives. I’m pretty happy with life, what about you?

Men At Work …on Perseverance

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Earlier tonight I was so excited to write a little about my Mom and all the reasons that she’s the best ever. But then life got in the way, and now all I want to do is curl up in bed, feel kinda sad and listen to the non-sound of snow falling. Don’t worry though, as one of the best poets of our time, Men at Work, said:

“Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride
Nobody’s gonna slow me down
Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving
Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride
I’m running and I won’t touch ground
Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving.”

Keep an eye out for a post real soon. Muah!