Grilled Cheese Hamburger?!?!

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A friend of a friend told me about something he made the other day at work: A grilled cheese burger. What is that you ask? Well, it is two grilled cheese sandwiches that are used as the buns for a hamburger.

I know, right? Doesn’t that make you want to cry it sounds so totally over the top and wonderful? I understand that it is pushing the envelope, but to each his own. Personally, I have every intention of trying it at some point. I don’t think I could handle it on a regular basis, but I cannot live without having carnal knowledge of that meal.

Just sit and think about it for a little bit…. And if you live near me, and are man enough, lets plans a cookout in early spring and make this happen.

P.S. My friend John just told me about this burger that takes it even a step further at Vortex in Atlanta:

Twice as big as the Coronary Bypass (which is a half pound!) Topped with
two fried eggs, six slices of American cheese, and
eight slices of bacon, all served between the two
grilled cheese sandwiches that we use in place of
the regular hamburger buns.

(Thanks Eric for the original inspiration. You are a true hedonist.)

Websites, food and laughter….

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Tonight I had two amazing friends come over and help me do a few videos. There was a lot of laughter, cleavage shots (thanks Tim), eating and enjoying ourselves. It was another reminder to me how food can bring us together.

Also, I’ve been blown away with the amount of support and help I’ve gotten for this new website already. It makes me feel even more committed to what I’m doing. I mean, shit, if these people believe in me, I must be able to do it. (Yes I know I’m drifting into being emotional, but Goddamn, I’m SO grateful!)

I hope that as this continues ya’ll will keep giving me feedback on what you’d like to see here. (The new website should be up soon, and it will have a lot more content and options.) I really love the idea of making this a community of people that love food.

Now I’m going to eat the rest of the chocolate chip scone in the kitchen and drift off to sleep.


Mel aka The Hedonist Cook