It’s alive!!!!

So, looking at my website I see that my last post was on April 30, 2012. Today is January 7, 2015. Whoops.

Since I’ve spoken to you all last I went to Italy, got engaged, got married, graduated from one college and started another and had a baby. So you know, not busy.

Now it’s freezing ass cold and I’m huddled in my little house with my little baby and I am loving cooking when I have some time. And I figured I may as well throw something up on the website since I’m paying for the domain name anyways, right?

When I started this blog I was single, living in a tiny one bedroom apartment, newly sober and working as a cook full-time. Therefore, it made sense to spend three hours cooking dinner every night. Clearly life has changed. I am now obsessed with my crockpot, I really don’t eat meat anymore, I feel like I’m breast-feeding basically nonstop and I’m getting ready to start school again in January.

So, the recipes on here will definitely look different. But the main ideas are the same. Good food, easy to make, not pretentious and delicious. Now we just added quick, healthy, and it would be awesome if they weren’t crazy fattening. But that might be asking too much.

Who knows this might be the only recipe I posted until this kids in high school, we’ll see. Either way, the recipe in getting ready to post is effing delicious!