Why do onions make you cry?!

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If you’re a smarty pants and want more info, check out this site.

And, for all you onion enthusiasts out there, don’t forget to visit the National Onion Association website. (I know, I was really excited they have a website dedicated to onions. Amazing!)

Grilled Cheese Hamburger?!?!

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A friend of a friend told me about something he made the other day at work: A grilled cheese burger. What is that you ask? Well, it is two grilled cheese sandwiches that are used as the buns for a hamburger.

I know, right? Doesn’t that make you want to cry it sounds so totally over the top and wonderful? I understand that it is pushing the envelope, but to each his own. Personally, I have every intention of trying it at some point. I don’t think I could handle it on a regular basis, but I cannot live without having carnal knowledge of that meal.

Just sit and think about it for a little bit…. And if you live near me, and are man enough, lets plans a cookout in early spring and make this happen.

P.S. My friend John just told me about this burger that takes it even a step further at Vortex in Atlanta:

Twice as big as the Coronary Bypass (which is a half pound!) Topped with
two fried eggs, six slices of American cheese, and
eight slices of bacon, all served between the two
grilled cheese sandwiches that we use in place of
the regular hamburger buns.

(Thanks Eric for the original inspiration. You are a true hedonist.)

Great Food Blog – Kiss my Spatula

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I bow down to this gorgeous food blog

Thanks to amazing Ellyn for this link. Sometimes I just want to kiss you on the mouth for all the wonderful things you post. So effing inspiring!

Caramel Apple Sticky Buns

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So, thanks to my dear Ellyn I am actually salivating. Whoever took this picture is an effing artist….

Follow the link for the Caramel Apple Sticky Buns recipe.

Thanks to The Pioneer Woman!

The Man who ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten

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Here is a link to the first chapter of “The Man who ate Everything” by Jeffrey Steingarten . It’s a book of essays that covers everything from the science of Mashed Potatoes to the scary substance called Olestra.

The reason I love this book so much is I can read essays at random, whenever I need to get excited about food again. He is intelligent, and clearly knows what he’s talking about, but he writes so simply that anyone can understand and enjoy the topic he is writing on. And after reading a bit of his writing, I remember why I love food.

If you have ever spent time obsessing over how to get perfect ripe peaches, or why your mashed potatoes are too starchy, you’ll love this book. And on top of all this, my brilliant friend Dale recommends this book, so you know it’s good.


P.S. Did you know you can order used books from Powell’s Books, the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world, based in Portland OR? Well you can, and you’ll feel better about yourself then if you go to some super giant online store. Just an idea. :)

Char Sui Bau (Steamed/Baked Roast Pork Buns)

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Came across this great website, Fine China Girl, when trying to figure out how to spell Bau. (I was right.) I really like her style of writing, and she knows her stuff. I’d recommend it for anyone trying to learn more about authentic asian food.

Why was I looking up the spelling of Bau you ask? Well, I was writing a list of things I miss about Sacramento, and Pork Bau’s were on there. No one in Tennessee has heard of these, and they’re SO good! Our corner market in Sac used to get some delivered in the morning from a local restaurant, and I’d stop and get one for $1.25 on my way to light rail. Nothing like walking down 24th Street early in the morning with a super hot pork bau to keep you warm. (These are the thoughts that make me really homesick sometimes!)