First week at the new bakery job!

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So I started at the new bakery on Wednesday, and I effing LOVE it! I feel like I’m in culinary school, but better because I’m getting paid and it’s a super relaxed environment. I’m learning so much, and not the usual “just do this.” I’m learning why something is done a certain way, the other ways you could do it, the background. It’s like I’m in a baking Wikipedia every day!

Another great thing is the way my view of “work” is changing. It used to be that I came in, did what was expected of me and left. I didn’t think about food costs, or what I could do for the business. I’m sure part of it is how bad ass the owners are, but I also think that since I’ve begun thinking about owning my own place, I’m starting to think like an owner. So my work ethic is getting a lot better again. I want to get enough sleep so I can be on top of my game at work the next day. It may sound trivial, but I’m pretty excited about it. I have pride in my work, and that makes such a huge difference in my life.

Maybe this is what it feels like when you’re doing what you love…

Check out the pictures of my first professional baked bread! I’m so proud! :)

Caramel Apple Sticky Buns

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So, thanks to my dear Ellyn I am actually salivating. Whoever took this picture is an effing artist….

Follow the link for the Caramel Apple Sticky Buns recipe.

Thanks to The Pioneer Woman!

Julia Child …on joy

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“It’s a shame to be caught up in something that doesn’t make you absolutely tremble with joy.”
— Julia Child